小丑節:Jester’s Festival


2020.03.26 ~ 2018.04.02 10pm

‧ 經驗加倍100%
‧ 活動每日任務:禮包、3活動卷(最多24張)
‧ 新寵物:女王豬 (每日首包必掉一個部位)
‧ 新座騎:幽靈伊布

活動期間,全伺服器經驗加倍 需要吃餅Buff


遊戲商城 Crown > Featured
免費索取小丑節任務卷軸,使用後在任務介面 ( J ) 中出現任務

跟隨任務去找 NPC 講話
NPC 會給你一個派,吃下派得到經驗 Buff,可以無限使用
進入蒐集介面 ( U ) Mementos 找到 The Pie of Misrule 使用後 2 小時內 經驗值+100%
可以跟經驗藥水疊加 (玩家製作),能否跟經驗卷軸疊加尚未確定 ( 商城購買 )


打開你的 任務介面 (J),Holiday Event 有活動任務
點選任務後,畫面有一個選項叫 Show On Map 可指引位置

按下 M 後會切換地圖介面
地圖畫面中按 F 在地圖標記目的地


Dazzling Entertainer
Bring some color to each of the Undaunted Enclaves with
an Illusion Dazzler during the Jester's Festival.開箱子的獎勵 , 隨機會給煙火
在這 3 個主城的 無畏者公會區域 (接鑰匙任務那邊) 放煙火 就可以解這個成就
Royal Jester
Complete each of the Jester's Festival achievements.完成其他 6 個成就
Illusive Dazzler
Use a total of 50 illusion dazzlers.開箱子的獎勵 , 隨機會給煙火 , 亂放50次就可以了
Princess Rescuer
Rescue Jester Skald-King Jorunn's visiting princess
without being spotted by the Butcher.偷豬的時候, 不要被屠夫發現, 發現的判斷是 "通緝費增加"
偷蘋果那邊就算有通緝也不影響這個成就, 下面會說明屠夫位置
Jester's Personal Chef
Acquire and learn all of the Jester's Festival provisioning recipes.吃 4 種食譜
如果抽不到 , 可以看看公會的 1 元 商店
Smile, in the Name of the Queen
Festoon 20 players with cherry blossoms during the
Jester's Festival.對 20 個玩家灑花 , 灑花可以用開箱的道具撒 , 也可以用抽到的玩具撒
都會計算進去 , 灑花時記得找人多的地方 , 他是前方直線範圍
 Lady of Misrule
Complete the challenges set forth by Jester Ayrenn,
Jester Emeric, and Jester Jorunn and be crowned Lady of Misrule.3 個陣營都解過就可以了


Aurido > Vulkhel : Jester Queen Ayrenn : 灑花任務

- Jester Queen Ayrenn -
Oh! You are that daring matchmaker who put a smile on Jorunn's face!
Perfect, I have need of a merry-maker!
I have decreed happiness, but not all of my kin share my breezy disposition and it's putting a damper on my festivities.
I won't have my fun ruined by these grumpy … grumps! I need a champion to enforce my royalty mandated cheerfulness.
If these treasonous malcontents insist on harboring sticks firmly in their hindquarters, then they can at least have the decency to keep them in bloom!
Find the grumps in my domain and pelt them with these enchanted petals until morale improves!

前往 Aurido 的 3 個地點
南邊的 Vulkhel
中間的 Skywatch
中間北邊一點點 College of Aldmeri Propriety
然後找到有標記的 NPC 對它們按 E 灑花就可以了

Stonefalls > Ebonheart 橋南邊 : Jester King Jorunn : 偷豬任務

-Jester King Jorunn-
His meatiness Skald-King Jorunn recognizes your flashiness from his visit to Daggerfall.
What other tricks do you have up your skeeves, this one wonders?
Just so! I am heartsick without my betrothed. What good is all this food and drink without the one you love to pick it from your teeth?
But I am forbidden to see my bride-to-be until the day of our vowels.
Free her from her minders, so we may grow fat together! Take a token of my love, the sickly-sweet brownish flesh of mudcrab apples, and she will know I sent you.
The guard cannot know their king bade the abscencing of his bride. Use cautiousness.

偷豬的任務有 2 個階段 : 偷蘋果 和 偷豬回Jester King Jorunn時不要被發現
偷蘋果的部分基本上也沒啥好講的 , 就是去地圖標記的倉庫偷蘋果,
如果不想被通緝, 就是乖乖蹲下等眼睛閉起來再偷
懶得話就直接偷吧, 罰款才 100 元的樣子, 這邊的 NPC 很龜毛要等很久才能等到眼睛閉起來

偷豬成就路線影片 :

再來就是跑到城的最北邊 , 如果你偷蘋果有被通緝
可以不要跑城裡, 從右邊走河繞過去就可以了
跟豬講話後, 他就會跟著你走, 基本上不用等他就跑你的就可以了
回去 Jester King Jorunn 的路上 , 可以走右邊也可以走左邊 ,
右邊的話屠夫會出現 3 次 , 躲過就可以解成就
左邊我沒走過 待別人補充

第一個屠夫的地點在這個柵門的地方, 基本上只要走過那個門就會被發現了
可以從左邊這邊繞過去, 走屠夫的後面

上樓梯後 , 靠左邊走 , 如果你無聊往右邊看 , 可以看到屠夫遠遠跑過來
我嘗試用騎馬衝的, 雖然他還沒跑到定點 , 但還是會被判定發現
所以跳下去吧 , 用那些破木板可以爬回來 , 就躲過這一趴了

他既不逃也不躲, 就站那邊等你 XD
這邊過了就直衝 Jester King Jorunn 回報就可以了

煙火任務 Glenumbra > Daggerfall : Jester King Emeric

-Jester King Emeric-
You must be the celebrant Aryenn was going on about. I could certainly use some of your acclaimed good cheer.
My superstitious queen has confiscated my array of Royal Majesters! The only illusionary dazzlers fit for a king. I can't impress my subjects with just any common prestidigitation!
It would be trivial to whip up more with the right ingredients.
There are some, um, "local attractions" that should have what I'm looking for, but they're no place for royalty.
If you would risk venturing out on my behalf, I'll ensure you play a key role in today's festivities!

這一段是要你去 2 個火把打材料
你可以用撿的方式撿到, 但是打怪掉落機率也超高
不用傻傻地跟別人搶著撿, 把怪秒掉就有了

-Jester King Emeric-
Thwarted by my own queen in front of the other royalty. I can't be the laughing stock in my own kingdom!
Aha! The day is saved! No one will question who wears the crown in my court after this! I promised you a key role in the festivities today, and I'm a man of my word!
I hereby entrust you with the honor of putting my royal prowess on display.
Take my illusion dazzlers to some suitably crowded locations in the city and give them a good shake and toss!
My majestic creations will do the rest.
Perfect! Give me a moment to work my magic and I'll have you on your way with the finest flashing flourishes in the land!

這一段就是去城裡 3 個地方 放煙火就可以了


小丑節最重要的道具就是 旗子了
你可以把你的房子變成一個針線包 !!

如果你運氣很好, 有開到這個金色的玩具
所以你必須寄信給你信任的朋友, 並請它幫你按退信, 你才能換角色收信來領取

或是你也可以透過公會商店, 上架商品後趕快下架
因為我們公會的商店並沒有租攤販, 所以只有我們公會的人能買
如果沒有手速特快的人在等你, 基本上都是可以成功讓商品變成信
記得不要害怕就上一個很高的價錢, 上架需要手續費的