Ardent Flame Draconic Power Earthen Heart
Dragonknight Standard Shifting Standard Dragon Leap Take Flight Magma Armor Magma Shell
Standard of Might Ferocious Leap Corrosive Armor
Lava Whip Molten Whip Spiked Armor Hardened Armor Stonefist Obsidian Shard
Flame Lash Volatile Armor Stone Giant
Searing Strike Venomous Claw Dark Talons Burning Talons Molten Weapons Igneous Weapons
Burning Embers Choking Talons Molten Armaments
Fiery Breath Noxious Breath Dragon Blood Green Dragon Blood Obsidian Shield Igneous Shield
Engulfing Flames Coagulating Blood Fragmented Shield
Fiery Grip Empowering Chains Protective Scale Protective Plate Petrify Fossilize
Unrelenting Grip Dragon Fire Scale Shattering Rocks
Inferno Flames of Oblivion Inhale Deep Breath Ash Cloud Cinder Storm
Cauterize Draw Essence Eruption
Combustion Iron Skin Eternal Mountain
Warmth Burning Heart Battle Roar
Searing Heat Elder Dragon Mountain's Blessing
World in Ruin Scaled Armor Helping Hands

Bone Tyrant Grave Lord Living Death
Bone Goliath Transformation Pummeling Goliath Frozen Colossus Pestilent Colossus Reanimate Renewing Animation
Ravenous Goliath Glacial Colossus Animate Blastbones
Death Scythe Ruinous Scythe Flame Skull Venom Skull Render Flesh Resistant Flesh
Hungry Scythe Ricochet Skull Blood Sacrifice
Bone Armor Beckoning Armor Blastbones Blighted Blastbones Expunge Expunge and Modify
Summoner's Armor Stalking Blastbones Hexproof
Bitter Harvest Deaden Pain Boneyard Unnerving Boneyard Life amid Death Renewing Undeath
Necrotic Potency Avid Boneyard Enduring Undeath
Bone Totem Remote Totem Skeletal Mage Skeletal Archer Spirit Mender Spirit Guardian
Agony Totem Skeletal Arcanist Intensive Mender
Grave Grasp Ghostly Embrace Shocking Siphon Detonating Siphon Restoring Tether Braided Tether
Empowering Grasp Mystic Siphon Mortal Coil
Death Gleaning Reusable Parts Curative Curse
Disdain Harm Death Knell Near-Death Experience
Health Avarice Dismember Corpse Consumption
Last Gasp Rapid Rot Undead Confederate

Assassination Shadow Siphoning
Death Stroke Incapacitating Strike Consuming Darkness Bolstering Darkness Soul Shred Soul Siphon
Soul Harvest Veil of Blades Soul Tether
Assassin's Blade Killer's Blade Veiled Strike Surprise Attack Strife Funnel Health
Impale Concealed Weapon Swallow Soul
Teleport Strike Lotus Fan Shadow Cloak Shadowy Disguise Malevolent Offering Shrewd Offering
Ambush Dark Cloak Healthy Offering
Blur Mirage Path of Darkness Twisting Path Cripple Debilitate
Phantasmal Escape Refreshing Path Crippling Grasp
Mark Target Piercing Mark Aspect of Terror Mass Hysteria Siphoning Strikes Leeching Strikes
Reaper's Mark Manifestation of Terror Siphoning Attacks
Grim Focus Relentless Focus Summon Shade Dark Shade Drain Power Power Extraction
Assassin's Scourge Merciless Resolve Shadow Image Sap Essence
Master Assassin Refreshing Shadows Catalyst
Executioner Shadow Barrier Magicka Flood
Pressure Points Dark Vigor Soul Siphoner
Hemorrhage Dark Veil Transfer

法師 / 巫師
Daedric Summoning Dark Magic Storm Calling
Summon Storm Atronach Greater Storm Atronach Negate Magic Suppression Field Overload Power Overload
Summon Charged Atronach Absorption Field Energy Overload
Summon Unstable Familiar Summon Unstable Clannfear Crystal Shard Crystal Blast Mages' Fury Mages' Wrath
Summon Volatile Familiar Crystal Fragments Endless Fury
Daedric Curse Daedric Prey Encase Shattering Prison Lightning Form Hurricane
Haunting Curse Restraining Prison Boundless Storm
Summon Winged Twilight Summon Twilight Tormentor Rune Prison Rune Cage Lightning Splash Liquid Lightning
Summon Twilight Matriarch Defensive Rune Lightning Flood
Conjured Ward Hardened Ward Dark Exchange Dark Deal Surge Power Surge
Empowered Ward Dark Conversion Critical Surge
Bound Armor Bound Armaments Daedric Mines Daedric Tomb Bolt Escape Streak
Bound Aegis Daedric Minefield Ball of Lightning
Rebate Unholy Knowledge Capacitor
Power Stone Blood Magic Energized
Daedric Protection Persistence Amplitude
Expert Summoner Exploitation Expert Mage

Aedric Spear Dawn's Wrath Restoring Light
Radial Sweep Empowering Sweep Nova Solar Prison Rite of Passage Remembrance
Crescent Sweep Solar Disturbance Practiced Incantation
Puncturing Strikes Biting Jabs Sun Fire Vampire's Bane Rushed Ceremony Honor The Dead
Puncturing Sweep Reflective Light Breath of Life
Piercing Javelin Aurora Javelin Solar Flare Dark Flare Healing Ritual Ritual of Rebirth
Binding Javelin Solar Barrage Hasty Prayer
Focused Charge Explosive Charge Backlash Purifying Light Restoring Aura Radiant Aura
Toppling Charge Power of the Light Repentance
Spear Shards Luminous Shards Eclipse Total Dark Cleansing Ritual Ritual of Retribution
Blazing Spear Unstable Core Extended Ritual
Sun Shield Radiant Ward Radiant Destruction Radiant Glory Rune Focus Channeled Focus
Blazing Shield Radiant Oppression Restoring Focus
Piercing Spear Enduring Rays Mending
Spear Wall Prism Sacred Ground
Burning Light Illuminate Light Weaver
Balanced Warrior Restoring Spirit Master Ritualist

Animal Companions Green Balance Winter's Embrace
Feral Guardian Eternal Guardian Secluded Grove Enchanted Forest Sleet Storm Northern Storm
Wild Guardian Healing Thicket Permafrost
Dive Cutting Dive Fungal Growth Enchanted Growth Frost Cloak Expansive Frost Cloak
Screaming Cliff Racer Soothing Spores Ice Fortress
Scorch Subterranean Assault Healing Seed Budding Seeds Impaling Shards Gripping Shards
Deep Fissure Corrupting Pollen Winter's Revenge
Swarm Fetcher Infection Living Vines Leeching Vines Arctic Wind Polar Wind
Growing Swarm Living Trellis Arctic Blast
Betty Netch Blue Betty Lotus Flower Green Lotus Crystallized Shield Crystallized Slab
Bull Netch Lotus Blossom Shimmering Shield
Falcon's Swiftness Deceptive Predator Nature's Grasp Bursting Vines Frozen Gate Frozen Device
Bird of Prey Nature's Embrace Frozen Retreat
Bond With Nature Accelerated Growth Glacial Presence
Savage Beast Nature's Gift Frozen Armor
Flourish Emerald Moss Icy Aura
Advanced Species Maturation Piercing Cold

雙手 劍盾 雙持 毀滅杖 恢復杖
Berserker Strike Onslaught Shield Wall Spell Wall Lacerate Rend Rapid Fire Toxic Barrage Elemental Storm Elemental Rage Panacea Life Giver
Berserker Rage Shield Discipline Thrive in Chaos Ballista Eye of the Storm Light's Champion
Uppercut Dizzying Swing Puncture Ransack Flurry Rapid Strikes Snipe Lethal Arrow Force Shock Crushing Shock Grand Healing Illustrious Healing
Wrecking Blow Pierce Armor Bloodthirst Focused Aim Force Pulse Healing Springs
Critical Charge Stampede Low Slash Deep Slash Twin Slashes Rending Slashes Volley Endless Hail Wall of Elements Unstable Wall of Elements Regeneration Rapid Regeneration
Critical Rush Heroic Slash Blood Craze Arrow Barrage Elemental Blockade Mutagen
Cleave Carve Defensive Posture Defensive Stance Whirlwind Whirling Blades Scatter Shot Magnum Shot Destructive Touch Destructive Clench Blessing of Protection Blessing Of Restoration
Brawler Absorb Magic Steel Tornado Draining Shot Destructive Reach Combat Prayer
Reverse Slash Reverse Slice Shield Charge Shielded Assault Blade Cloak Quick Cloak Arrow Spray Bombard Weakness to Elements Elemental Susceptibility Steadfast Ward Ward Ally
Executioner Invasion Deadly Cloak Acid Spray Elemental Drain Healing Ward
Momentum Forward Momentum Power Bash Reverberating Bash Hidden Blade Shrouded Daggers Poison Arrow Venom Arrow Impulse Elemental Ring Force Siphon Siphon Spirit
Rally Power Slam Flying Blade Poison Injection Pulsar Quick Siphon
Forceful Fortress Slaughter Long Shots Tri Focus Essence Drain
Heavy Weapons Sword and Board Dual Wield Expert Accuracy Penetrating Magic Restoration Expert
Balanced Blade Deadly Bash Controlled Fury Ranger Elemental Force Cycle of Life
Follow Up Deflect Bolts Ruffian Hawk Eye Ancient Knowledge Absorb
Battle Rush Battlefield Mobility Twin Blade and Blunt Hasty Retreat Destruction Expert Restoration Master

輕甲 中甲 重甲
Annulment Dampen Magic Evasion Shuffle Immovable Immovable Brute
Harness Magicka Elude Unstoppable
Grace Dexterity Resolve
Evocation Wind Walker Constitution
Spell Warding Improved Sneak Juggernaut
Prodigy Agility Revitalize
Concentration Athletics Rapid Mending

挖掘 詭計 占卜 靈魂 吸血鬼 狼人
Hand Brush Improved Hiding Scry Soul Strike Soul Assault Blood Scion Swarming Scion Werewolf Transformation Pack Leader
Augur Light Fingers Antiquarian Insight Shatter Soul Perfect Scion Werewolf Berserker
Trowel Trafficker Scrier's Patience Soul Trap Soul Splitting Trap Eviscerate Blood for Blood Pounce Brutal Pounce
Keen Eye: Dig Sites Locksmith Coalescence Consuming Trap Arterial Burst Feral Pounce
Excavator's Reserves Kickback Future Focus Soul Shatter Blood Frenzy Simmering Frenzy Hircine's Bounty Hircine's Rage
Heavy Shovel Dilation Soul Summons Sated Fury Hircine's Fortitude
Keen Eye: Treasure Chests Farsight Soul Lock Vampiric Drain  Drain Vigor Roar Ferocious Roar
Preemptive Power  Exhilarating Drain Deafening Roar
Mesmerize  Hypnosis Piercing Howl Howl of Despair
 Stupefy Howl of Agony
Mist Form  Elusive Mist Infectious Claws Claws of Anguish
 Blood Mist Claws of Life
 Feed Devour
 Dark Stalker Pursuit
 Strike from the Shadows Blood Rage
 Blood Ritual Bloodmoon
 Undeath Savage Strength
 Unnatural Movement Call of the Pack

兄弟會 戰士 法師 Psijic 盜賊 無畏者
Blade of Woe Dawnbreaker Flawless Dawnbreaker Meteor Ice Comet Undo Precognition Finders Keepers Blood Altar Sanguine Altar
Scales of Pitiless Justice IV Dawnbreaker of Smiting Shooting Star Temporal Guard Swiftly Forgotten IV Overflowing Altar
Padomaic Sprint IV Silver Bolts Silver Shards Magelight Inner Light Time Stop Borrowed Time Haggling IV Trapping Webs Shadow Silk
Shadowy Supplier Silver Leash Radiant Magelight Time Freeze Clemency Tangling Webs
Shadow Rider Circle of Protection Turn Undead Entropy Degeneration Imbue Weapon Elemental Weapon Timely Escape Inner Fire Inner Rage
Spectral Assassin Ring of Preservation Structured Entropy Crushing Weapon Veil of Shadows Inner Beast
Expert Hunter Evil Hunter Fire Rune Volcanic Rune Accelerate Channeled Acceleration Bone Shield Spiked Bone Shield
Camouflaged Hunter Scalding Rune Race Against Time Bone Surge
Trap Beast Rearming Trap Equilibrium Spell Symmetry Mend Wounds Mend Spirit Necrotic Orb Mystic Orb
Lightweight Beast Trap Balance Symbiosis Energy Orb
Intimidating Presence Persuasive Will Meditate Deep Thoughts Undaunted Command
Slayer Mage Adept Introspection Undaunted Mettle
Banish the Wicked Everlasting Magic See the Unseen
Skilled Tracker Magicka Controller Clairvoyance
Bounty Hunter Might of the Guild Spell Orb
Concentrated Barrier

進攻 皇帝 防守 神器
War Horn Aggressive Horn Monarch Barrier Reviving Barrier Ruinous Cyclone
Sturdy Horn Authority Replenishing Barrier Rourken's Rebuke
Rapid Maneuver Retreating Maneuver Domination Siege Shield Siege Weapon Shield Malacath's Vengeance
Charging Maneuver Tactician Propelling Shield Accursed Charge
Vigor Echoing Vigor Emperor Purge Efficient Purge Pariah's Resolve
Resolving Vigor Cleanse Sundering Swing
Caltrops Anti-Cavalry Caltrops Guard Mystic Guard
Razor Caltrops Stalwart Guard
Magicka Detonation Inevitable Detonation Revealing Flare Lingering Flare
Proximity Detonation Scorching Flare
Continuous Attack Magicka Aid
Reach Combat Medic
Combat Frenzy Battle Resurrection

亞龍 布萊頓 暗精 高精 帝國 貓人 諾德 獸人 紅衛 木精
Amphibian Opportunist Ashlander Highborn Diplomat Cutpurse Reveler Craftsman Wayfarer Acrobat
Life Mender Gift of Magnus Dynamic Spell Recharge Tough Robustness Resist Frost Brawny Martial Training Hunter's Eye
Argonian Resistance Spell Attunement Resist Flame Syrabane's Boon Imperial Mettle Lunar Blessings Stalwart Unflinching Rage Conditioning Y'ffre's Endurance
Resourceful Magicka Mastery Ruination Elemental Talent Red Diamond Feline Ambush Rugged Swift Warrior Adrenaline Rush Resist Affliction

鍊金 鐵匠 衣服 附魔 珠寶 食物 木匠
Solvent Proficiency Metalworking Tailoring Aspect Improvement Engraver Recipe Quality Woodworking
Keen Eye: Reagents Keen Eye: Ore Keen Eye: Cloth Potency Improvement Keen Eye: Jewelry Recipe Improvement Keen Eye: Wood
Medicinal Use Miner Hireling Outfitter Hireling Keen Eye: Rune Stones Jewelry Extraction Gourmand Lumberjack Hireling
Chemistry Metal Extraction Unraveling Hireling Lapidary Research Connoisseur Wood Extraction
Laboratory Use Metallurgy Stitching Runestone Extraction Platings Expertise Chef Carpentry
Snakeblood Temper Expertise Tannin Expertise Brewer Resin Expertise