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Argonian Post, Rough

Argonian Post, Sturdy

Breton Street Post, Plain

Breton Street Post, Stone

Common Post, Flag Pole

Common Post, Sign Holder

Dark Elf Streetpost, Banner

Dark Elf Streetpost, Banners

Khajiit Frame, Arched

Khajiit Signpost, Fortified

Breton Cart, Covered Open

Breton Cart, Wheelbarrow

Common Wheelbarrow, Flat

Common Wheelbarrow, Sided

Dark Elf Caravan, Cargo

Dark Elf Cart, Merchant

High Elf Wagon, Sturdy

Nord Cart, Cargo

Nord Cart, Hay

Redguard Carriage, Practical

Redguard Cart, Practical

Redguard Cart, Work

Redguard Wagon, Merchant

Redguard Well, Arched

Redguard Well, Covered

Argonian Bench, Woven

Breton Bench, Plain

Breton Pew, Windowed

Daedric Bench, Ashen

High Elf Bench, Curved

Nord Bench, Braced

Nord Bench, Plank

Orcish Bench, Cabled

Redguard Bench, Slatted

Argonian Chair, Rough

Breton Chair, Slatted

Breton Chair, Windowed

Dark Elf Armchair, Angled

Dark Elf Chair, Angled

Orcish Armchair, Peaked

Redguard Armchair, Cushioned

Redguard Armchair, Slatted

Redguard Chair, Backless

Redguard Chair, Slatted

Redoran Chair, Sanded

Argonian Counter, Long

Breton Counter, Long Cabinet

Common Counter, Island Stall

High Elf Counter, Long Cabinet

Murkmire Counter, Cabinet

Orcish Bar, Long Block

Orcish Bar, Side

Orcish Counter, Block

Orcish Counter, Island Stall

Redguard Bar, Long Cabinet

Wood Elf Counter, Long Leather

Argonian Table, Rough

Breton Table, Dining

Breton Table, Kitchen

Breton Trestle, Sturdy

Common Table, Slanted

Daedric Pedestal, Ritual

Dark Elf Table, Formal

High Elf Table, Sturdy Formal

High Elf Table, Sturdy Kitchen

High Elf Trestle, Sturdy

Nord Table, Braced

Nord Table, Kitchen

Orcish Table, Block

Orcish Table, Braced Formal

Orcish Table, Braced Kitchen

Wood Elf Table, Formal

Wood Elf Table, Leather

Argonian Medallion, Stone

Dark Elf Hook, Wall

Argonian Snakes in a Basket

Basket of Corn

Basket of Lettuce

Common Basket, Closed

Common Basket, Lid

Common Basket, Open

Common Basket, Tall

Common Pack, Backpack

Common Pack, Satchel

Orcish Sack, Grain

Rough Bag, Burlap

Bread, Hearty Loaves

Nord Hutch, Rough

Wood Elf Cauldron, Stone

Wood Elf Grinding Stone

Argonian Pan, Frying

Argonian Ramekin, Hardened

Bowl, Serving

Common Plate, Setting

Common Platter, Serving

Common Pot, Cooking

Common Skillet, Practical

Dres Bowl, Serving

Dres Pot, Sauce

High Elf Plate, Dinner

High Elf Platter, Gilded

Nord Pot, Covered

Nord Pot, Stew

Orcish Bowl, Rugged

Orcish Bowl, Stone

Orcish Plate, Stone

Rough Bowl, Common

Argonian Cup, Bordered

Argonian Cup, Short

Argonian Cup, Tall

Argonian Mug, Tooth

Ashlander Cup, Empty

Breton Pitcher, Ceramic

Dres Cup, Empty Mazte

Dres Cup, Mazte

High Elf Cup, Gilded

High Elf Flask, Gilded

Khajiit Bottle, Amber

Khajiit Carafe, Amber

Khajiit Flask, Amber

Nord Drinking Horn, Empty

Orcish Mug, Rugged

Redguard Cup, Empty

Redguard Cup, Full

Redguard Goblet, Empty

Rough Cup, Empty

Wood Elf Cup, Ceramic

Wood Elf Cup, Chipped

Wood Elf Cup, Striped

Argonian Cage, Rat

Argonian Snakes on a Rope

Common Bucket, Basic

Common Bucket, Rope

Common Washtub, Empty

Orcish Wash Tub

Baked Potato, Display

Bowl of Worms, Large

Common Bowl of Soup, Display

Common Bowl of Stew, Display

Nord Crockpot, Carrot Soup

Cured Meat Shank


Fish, Medium

Fish, Small

Redguard Kabobs, Wax

Alinor Urn, Stemmed

Breton Amphora, Ceramic

Dark Elf Pot, Banded

Dark Elf Urn, Banded

Dres Cannister, Portable

Dwarven Cannister, Sealed

Dwarven Pot, Sealed

Nord Amphora, Glazed

Nord Pot, Ceramic

Nord Urn, Ceramic

Orcish Canister, Rugged

Orcish Cask, Rugged

Redguard Pot, Capped

Redguard Pot, Ceramic

Redguard Pot, Hanging Brushed

Redguard Pot, Sealed

Wood Elf Urn, Deer

Wood Elf Urn, Scratched

Apple, Display

Banana, Wax

Beet String, Display

Beets, Display

Carrots, Wax

Grapes, Wax

Lettuce, Display

Peaches, Bunch

Potato, Wax

Pumpkin, Display

Radish, Wax

Sugar Pumpkin, Wax

Winter Squash, Display

Argonian Dried Leaves

Argonian Pole, Split

Breton Rack, Barrel

Breton Shelf, Barrel Rack

Dark Elf Rack, Barrel

High Elf Wine Rack, Folding

Hlaalu Rack, Barrel


Nord Rack, Wine

Redguard Rack, Barrel

Wood Elf Bar, Drying

Wood Elf Bar, Long

Wood Elf Bar, Short

Wood Elf Bar, Sturdy

Wood Elf Cask, Ceramic

Wood Elf Rack, Brace

Common Cleaver, Cooking

Rough Knife, Butcher

Breton Desk

Dark Elf Desk, Angled

Desk, Engraved

High Elf Desk, Sturdy

Khajiit Desk, Faded

Khajiit Dresser, Faded

Redguard Desk, Florid

Argonian Shelves, Full

Breton Bookcase, Tall

Breton Shelf, Long

Breton Shelves, Double

Clockwork Shelf, Wall

Common Bookrest, Practical

Dark Elf Shelf, Wall

Dres Shelf, Block

High Elf Bookshelf, Verdant

High Elf Shelf, Long

High Elf Shelf, Short

Indoril Shelf, Block

Khajiit Bookshelf, Arched

Nord Shelf, Braced

Nord Shelf, Wall

Orcish Shelf, Long

Orcish Shelf, Short

Orcish Shelves, Braced

Redguard Shelf, Sturdy

Wood Elf Rack, Double

Wood Elf Rack, Single

Wood Elf Shelf, Tiered

Daedric Brazier, Standing

Daedric Brazier, Table

Indoril Brazier, Knotwork

Orcish Brazier, Smoldering

Breton Chamberstick, Short

Candle, Group

Common Candle, Lasting

Common Candle, Set

Common Candles, Pair

Daedric Candles, Group

Daedric Candles, Ritual Set

Dark Elf Candle, Claw Base

High Elf Candleholder, Sturdy

Khajiit Candle, Clawfoot

Murkmire Candle, Standing Shell

Murkmire Candles, Bone Group

Nord Candle, Antler

Nord Candle, Tealight

Nord Candleholder, Cup

Redguard Candelabra, Practical

Redguard Candleholder, Practical

Redguard Candlestick, Practical

Daedric Chandelier, Ritual

Khajiit Firepit, Brick

Common Lantern, Hanging

Common Lantern, Stationary

Dark Elf Lantern, Oil

Dres Lantern, Stationary

Nord Lantern, Cage

Orcish Lantern, Hooded

Breton Lightpost, Single

Indoril Lightpost, Stone

Nord Torch, Triple

Redguard Streetlamp, Single

Redguard Streetlamps, Paired

Breton Sconce, Sturdy Torch

Breton Sconce, Torch

Hlaalu Hanger, Mounted

Argonian Banner, Hanging

Khajiit Banner, Claw

Khajiit Banner, Crescents

Khajiit Banner, Hooked

Khajiit Banner, Moons

Orcish Banner, Faded

Orcish Banner, Worn

Redguard Banner, Post

Simple Blue Banner

Hlaalu Trinket Box, Curious Turtle

Breton Carpet, Bordered

Breton Carpet, Dark

Breton Carpet, Square

Dark Elf Carpet, Mottled

Dark Elf Carpet, Patterned

Dark Elf Runner, Bordered

Dres Carpet, Chains

High Elf Carpet, Rustic

High Elf Carpet, Water-Themed

Hlaalu Mat, Welcoming

Khajiit Carpet, Crescent Moons

Orcish Carpet, Fringed

Redguard Carpet, Dunes

Redguard Couch, Bolted

Dark Elf Tapestry, Emblazoned

High Elf Tapestry, Rustic

Khajiit Drapes, Tattered

Nord Tapestry, Dragon

Redguard Curtain, Desert Rose

Redguard Tapestry, Lattice

Dark Elf End Table, Angled

High Elf End Table, Sturdy

Khajiit End Table, Faded

Breton Vase, Ceramic

Khajiit Vase, Amber

Nord Vase, Bent

Redguard Vessel, Lacquered

Wood Elf Vase, Chipped

Wood Elf Vase, Swirled

Wood Elf Vessel, Tiered Ceramic

Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid

Argonian Lattice, Rough

Daedric Base, Ashen

Daedric Platform, Ashen

Orcish Platform, Block

Orcish Platform, Stage

Rough Platform, Stage

Argonian Canopy, Reed

Argonian Tarp, Sturdy

Argonian Tarp, Woven

Argonian Tent, Reed

Breton Stall, Merchant

Jester's Pavilion, Open

Khajiit Loft, Reed

Khajiit Tent, Mercantile

Khajiit Tent, Storage

Orcish Tent, Shingled

Redguard Awning, Desert Flame

Wood Elf Awning, Leather

Wood Elf Canopy, Braced

Wood Elf Canopy, Leather

Hlaalu Towels, Folded

Argonian Bed, Woven

Argonian Mat, Reed

Argonian Mat, Rolled Reed

Argonian Mat, Tidy Reed

Breton Bed, Bunk

Breton Bed, Single

Dark Elf Bed, Single

High Elf Bed, Bunk

High Elf Bed, Single

High Elf Bed, Verdant

High Elf Bed, Winged

Khajiit Bed, Fur

Khajiit Bedding, Padded

Nord Bed, Single

Orcish Bedding, Fur

Orcish Bedding, Stone

Redguard Bed, Full

Redguard Bed, Wide

Redoran Bed, Single

Rough Bedroll, Basic

Rough Stretcher, Military

Redguard Divider, Florid

Wood Elf Divider, Narrow

Wood Elf Divider, Relaxed

Wood Elf Divider, Stretched

Argonian Dresser, Sturdy

Breton Dresser, Open

Dark Elf Dresser, Angled

High Elf Dresser, Sturdy

High Elf Dresser, Verdant

Nord Dresser, Rough

Orcish Dresser, Open

Breton Nightstand, Open

Nord Nightstand, Rough

Redguard Nightstand, Sturdy

Khajiit Cushion, Long

Nord Footlocker, Braced

Nord Trunk, Heavy

Orcish Trunk, Braced

Redguard Trunk, Bolted

Redguard Trunk, Heavy

Breton Chest of Drawers

Dark Elf Chest of Drawers

Orcish Armoire, Peaked

Dark Elf Basin, Ringed

High Elf Basin, Gilded

Wood Elf Basin, Stone

Witches Corpse, Wrapped

Murkmire Hearth Shrine, Sithis Coiled

Argonian Totem, Painted Skull

Wood Elf Bone Chimes

Wood Elf Hide, Heavy

Wood Elf Pedestal, Engraved

Wood Elf Wall Hide, Fur

Wood Elf Wall Hide, Pierced

Wood Elf Wall Hide, Spotted

Daedric Urn, Ashen

Dwarven Urn, Sealed

Redguard Urn, Lacquered

Clockwork Crate, Square

Common Barrel, Sealed

Common Cargo, Covered

Common Cargo, Reinforced

Common Cargo, Sealed

Common Crate, Sealed

Common Wheelbarrow, Barrel

Redguard Bin, Roped

Rough Box, Boarded

Rough Container, Cargo

Rough Crate, Bolted

Rough Crate, Reinforced

Clockwork Control Panel, Single

Clockwork Charging Station, Animo Core

Dwarven Pipe Cap, Bolted

Dwarven Pipeline Cap, Sealed

Dwarven Pipeline Cap, Sealed

Dark Elf Stool, Angled

Footstool, Block

High Elf Stool, Curved

Hlaalu Stool, Polished

Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot

Khajiit Stool, Crescent

Nord Stool, Rough

Orcish Stool, Cabled

Redguard Stool, Block

Redguard Stool, Sturdy

Stool, Carved

Wood Elf Stool, Leather

Argonian Chimney Stack

Common Cage, Hunting

Common Trap, Hunting

Common Trough

Fireplace Grate, Wrought Iron

Rough Hatchet, Practical

last update 2018-06-07 , total 1616 furnishing
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Conservatory Furnishings — Plants and rocks
Courtyard Furnishings — Stone and wooden ornaments
Dining Furnishings — Tables, chairs, and counters
Gallery Furnishings — Artwork, display pieces, and awards
Hearth Furnishings — Cabinets, pottery, and food items
Library Furnishings — Shelves, desks, and literary reprints
Lighting Furnishings — Lamps, braziers and fireplaces
Miscellaneous Furnishings — Esoteric items
Parlor Furnishings — Sofas, banners, carpets, and knick-knacks
Services Furnishings — Assistants, crafting stations, and mundus stones
Structures Furnishings — Tents, platforms, and blocks
Suite Furnishings — Bedding, trunks, wardrobes, and dividers
Undercroft Furnishings — Sacred and symbolic items, and graveyard items
Workshop Furnishings — Cargo crates, tools, mechanisms, and materials

Furnishings/Crown Store — Furnishings that can be bought with Crowns, both in the Housing Editor and furniture bundles
Furnishings/Achievement Furnishers — Furnishings that can be bought from Achievement Furnishers
Home Goods Furnishers (Common, Exclusive) — Furnishings that can be bought from Home Goods Furnishers
Furnishings/Luxury Furnisher — Furnishings that can be bought from Luxury Furnishers
Furnishings/Other Vendors — Furnishings that can be bought from other Vendors
Furnishings/Other Sources — Furnishings that are sourced from other activities

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